Pieter Petros ® Bespoke Shoes


PIETER PETROS ® Bespoke is the World's Most Exclusive Fashion Brand.

The Belgian designer PIETER PETROS will exclusively design for you an amazing pair of fully bespoke PIETER PETROS shoes.

One-Time Designs and no one in the world will have the same Design.

The PIETER PETROS shoes are 100% handmade, a piece of true craftsmanship.

You will receive 3 exact copies, so you don't need to carry your exclusive PIETER PETROS shoes while traveling and can have your PIETER PETROS shoes on 3 different locations at the same time.

Photoshoot at any location of choice worldwide included.

Note: We will give you an option to partner up with PP as well and sell your design to the public. In this case, you can choose the name of the design.